TPM Tidbit: My (Awesome) First Impression of Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

July 19, 2012 in Categories: by

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My preview copy of Practical Paleo arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon.  I was interested to see it because I love Diane’s blog and podcast and I was curious to see what she would come up with for a practical guide to eating paleo.  I have enjoyed a couple of hours skimming through this book, reading bits out of order and taking in the many informative tables and diagrams.  Already this book has far surpassed my expectations (and it’s not like my expectations were low!).  It has an organization reminiscent of a text book, with lists and charts and tables and diagrams to make the information very easy to find and understand.  It has an amazing section dealing with digestion.  And this is the first paleo reference book I have seen with comprehensive information on the Autoimmune Protocol and modifying paleo for various health conditions (even cancer!).  I am really excited about the various lists of supplements (and natural food sources of those supplements) to support various health conditions.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget that it also has over 120 recipes which are labelled if they contain eggs, nuts, nightshades or FODMAPs (with modifications to exclude those ingredients where appropriate).  All but one (so far) of my favorite quick guide pages are available as sturdy tear-out pages (in addition to being in the book) to post on your fridge or keep in your wallet as a quick reference.  I will be reading every page of this book over the next week and writing a full review to coincide with the book’s official release on August 7th.  I am already so impressed and have no reservations recommending that you pre-order Practical Paleo now!


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