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My episode of the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show podcast is free on iTunes or you can also download it here.  I hope you enjoy it!  Inspired by that conversation, I have drafted about a dozen posts expanding on a variety of topics that we touched on during the podcast.  I will be posting these over the next few months.  This week is dedicated to my monumental 3-part series on how to optimize your own personal carbohydrate intake.  Other posts that you will see include the benefits of ketosis, what is a “safe starch”, the sustainability of paleo (another 3 or 4 part series dealing with everything from the sustainability of agriculture to making paleo work for you so that you can stick with it long term), how to treat yourself as a science experiment, and how to use elimination diets to address health conditions.  Also look for a variety of posts related to the Autoimmune Protocol, including a number of guest posts related to dealing with autoimmune disease.

And for all of you checking out my blog for the first time after hearing my interview with Jimmy Moore, welcome!!!  Don’t forget to “like” me on facebook and/or “follow” me on twitter to stay connected and up-to-date!


I was just reading about the Ketogenic Diet that they treat epilepsy with when the drugs don’t work. It seems like a very extreme paleo diet. It’s also has variation called Modified Atkins Diet. Using fat as fuel instead of sugar just like the book you recommended It Starts With Food.
They just did a study with Multiple Sclerosis and the Ketogenic Diet seems to have a favorable effect on the mouse model of MS.

From everything I’ve read, ketogenic diets are brilliant for neuropathologies (because the brain can work very well on ketones and in the absence of proinflammatory insulin and sugar, it gets a chance to heal), everything from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia to depression. I wonder how long the effects last (like if you can do one month ketosis, one month higher carb, one month ketosis, etc.) or if the effects rely on staying in ketosis. It’s a very new science and I think there’s some really interesting data coming in. Thanks for the link!

It’s not that new this diet it’s around 80-90 years before the had epilepsy drugs. I was reading it was extremely successful in children if they strictly adhered to the diet for 2 years. One slip and seizures increased.

Sarah, I just listened to your interview with Jimmy, wow, you sound very confident and are very well spoken. I am impressed. Trying to spread the paleo word, but all bar one will lsten.

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