Chocolate-Date Squares

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I am finding myself playing with raw fruit and nut bars a lot these days.  Partly because dried fruit is a very healthy way to sweeten a treat (you get to keep all the fiber and minerals from the fruit), partly because they are so quick and easy to make, partly because they are portable enough to pack in a lunch, and partly because they are so yummy!  This variation is a favorite of my 5-year old (even though they aren’t super chocolaty).  This is enough to press into half of a 9”x9” pan (you can double this recipe if you have a large food processor, mine can only handle this much at a time).  You could also use a standard loaf pan, press it together on plastic wrap, or roll into balls.  If you want to boost the chocolate flavor, you could add ¼ cup chocolate chips at the same time as the dates. 


1.    Place nuts and pepitas in a food processor and pulse a few times to grind fairly fine.
2.    Add dates and cocoa powder to food processor and process until finely ground and starting to clump together.  If it doesn’t clump together a little bit or the dough feels a little dry to the touch, add one more date and process again.
3.    Press into half of a 9”x9” pan.
4.    Chill for at least 1 hour before cutting into squares or bars.  Enjoy!


I have two idea. First, you might just need to process a bit longer. It can seem to stay crumbly and then all of a sudden the date pieces are small enough that it holds together. Second, you could try adding 1 or 2 more dates. I hope this helps!

Though I can’t imagine these lasting very long, how and how long can you store them? Can you freeze them? I’m hoping to start doing a lot of large batch/freezer cooking soon and would love to have snacks to make too. Thanks!

Amazingly quick and yummy. I added a pinch of salt and a couple dribbles of vanilla too. These would also be delicious rolled in coconut or a salted chopped nut. Thanks!

Today was our first serious Paleo Day. It went amazingly well. My son (4 yrs), like your daughter will not or can not chew meat. He actually ate the Mustard Rosemary chicken. I then made these squares. They LOVED them! My oldest (6 year old daughter) asked, “How do these taste so good?”

These sound fabulous! Must try! You know, I am wondering…if I threw in some toasted, shredded coconut, these might just replace the $7, tiny little bag of coco-roons I buy from Whole Foods…hmmmmm

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