Paleo Chicken Fingers

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What kid doesn’t like chicken fingers?  I’ve experimented with a few different techniques, trying to find one that yields a nice “breading” while being easy enough to tackle for a meal mid-week.  My kids like this seasoning mix, but if yours is super sensitive to spice, you might want to leave out the coriander and cumin.  Or maybe add your favorite spice instead!


1.    Preheat oven to 425F.  Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
2.    Combine almond meal with spices on a plate or shallow dish.  Place beaten egg in a separate shallow dish.
3.    Dry chicken with paper towel.  Dip in egg then dip in almond meal mixture, coating all sides.  Place on baking sheet.  Repeat until all chicken tenders are coated.
4.    Bake for 16-18 minutes, turning once in the middle of baking, until completely cooked (interior temperature should read 180F).

Do you need help finding any ingredients?  Check out  Important Pantry Items for the Paleo Baker.



I have just been diagnosed with Diabetes 2. I am trying to find things I CAN eat without the carbs that my doctor has told me I can NO longer have. What is PALEO? A friend of mine had gastric bypass this last summer, and she sent me your recipe for your Paleo Chicken Fingers. Almonds are one of the few nuts that I CAN have. Can’t wait to try this. Any other suggestions so I can eat healthy, without loosing all my favorite dishes?

Made them for watching the Super Bowl… so happy to have found this recipe. Loved by all. Left over made a great addition to salad! I used Bobs Red Mill almond meal/flour and mixed with a few other spices. Loved, loved, loved!

Sarah has not prepared this recipe without eggs. However, if you read the comments (search the page for the word “egg”) you will see a few comments and replies about making this recipe without eggs. All of Sarah’s Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) recipes are egg-free, you can view them here: The Paleo Approach Cookbook will be available in August and will contain over 100 AIP recipes. You can learn more about the book here: — Tamar, Sarah’s assistant

I was reading the back of my flax meal package and it said you could add water to a certain amount (directions on the package) and it can replace eggs in a dish! I’ve actually just used flax as a simple crust and baked my chicken strips and the whole family seems to enjoy it. Hope that helps. ^_^

Made these for the first time tonight. They were awesome though I’d like them to be a bit more crisp.

Step daughter asked/proclaimed: “How did you make the chicken fingers – they’re awesome.”

Made these with coconut flour because I ran out of almond flour. They didn’t get very crisp, but spraying on coconut oil helped. Would using almond flour make a difference?

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